Love and weed

4. ledna 2014 v 0:37 | Pražský poděs |  Kreativní průjmy
it's everywhere around ya!
Look down, look up.
Feedin' the monsters
goin' to the concerts.
Nothing helps.
You hear soft blues
runnin' through your veins.
Ya love it.
Ya need it.
Shut the fuck up and listen.
Smell the freedom!
Touch the life!
Your effort shouldn't be unnecessary,
and don't forget to say: ''dear diary''.
After long years of searching
the meaning of life.
Maybe you'll see the treasure.
You got it in your heart all the time.
Well-known sound will chime.
And that's your property.
It's enought.
You're happy.
Just love and weed.
That's everything you need.

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1 Maitter z Creepfellu Maitter z Creepfellu | 25. června 2014 v 15:20 | Reagovat


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