A bottle filled with happiness

16. února 2014 v 1:15 | Pražský poděs |  Kreativní průjmy
Yeah, yeah, yeah...
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...
If I could have anything
in this foolish word.
I'd like to have a remover of problems.
It could delete all that stupid stuff
outta planet Earth.

Remember when you had some troubles?
Your eyes looked sad.
Wrong way isn't easy.
You even tried praying to God
who cares more about fag sex.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Don't dare to excuse you
that you didn't know about it.
Mene Tekel Fares
shinin' bright like the Sun.
Right above the deep pit.

No feeling left in this place
where everything alive died.
Even hope is gone.
Will it rise again?
Don't care! Just worship your pride!

Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
And Mr. Nightingale in his cage is singin'
same song over and over.
They hoodwinked him
with their golden illusions.
Well…he wasn't clever.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...
I just want it.
Yeah yeah yeah...
Gimme my bottle filled with happiness!

That's the way without empty promises
it will show you the truth
it will drive you insane!
That's the way without empty promises
it will set you free
it will run through your veins!
The bottomless
bottle filled with happiness.

Heading off to nowhere
You'll get used to it.
It's a fucking goldmine.
And you can't even breathe.

Run, run, Run!
Stop, stop, stop!
Feel your body!
Let me live!

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